We asked that you help your child develop the skills essential for success in our program:

  1. Be ON TIME
  2. Attend class regulary
  3. Respect each other and STAFF
  4. Arrive in the proper attire and with the necessary materials




We invite you to work with our staff to help students get all they can out of their experience with us.


We pride ourselves at being more than just a training institution. We are constantly looking for ways to bring our students and the community together. Therefore, each year we have a host of events for our students and their families. In order to continue this tradition, ALL XPY parents MUST volunteer in at least 2 XPY events per season. There are also other ways you can volunteer your time throughout the year, such as helping out with our weekly concession, becoming a classroom monitor on Saturdays or simply asking where your help is needed. 

We are a nonprofit in EVERY SENSE! Every dollar amount we receive is pour directly back into the operation and upkeep of our program. In order to maintain our excellence without increasing our prices, ALL students of X-Press Yourself are required to participate in ALL fundraisers. Each fundraiser as well as events will have a quota for the number of items or tickets sold. All quotas are reasonable, therefore it is in your best interest to make an attempt to participate rather than have to pay the difference or the respective cost.  The other benefit of participating in our fundraisers is that each one has a great incentive for the top seller. 

"The art of expression is the only talent you need"