"The art of expression is the only talent you need" 
Sponsorship Selection


Our goal is to maintain quality creative and performing arts education for disadvantaged children and youth at an affordable rate. We feel like we haven't done enough to ensure that everyone in our community has had a fair chance at experiencing our program. Even with our  low rates, we've come to the realization that some children in our area simply can't afford to attend. We want to change this. Your comittment to sponsor a child monthly, will go toward helping at least 10 children attend the our program for one full season. Please join us in helping reach our community! We have several donation options

Partial Monthly: $30 per month

Full Monthly: $60 per month

Partial Season: $300 yearly

Full Season: $600 yearly

Apply for Scholarship​​


Student must have taken classes in dance for at least 1

Student must be between 8 & 18 years of age and in Level III or higher

Students must have a good attendance record, show talent, promise and dedication

Student’s family must have a financial need

Students who have outstanding balances are ineligible for scholarships

Students must take at least one ballet in order to be eligible for a scholarship


Reside in a 1 mile radius of the center